Ultrasounds for the industry

A service for large-scale production activities eager to re-discover authentic, natural processes.

Our experience in the field of plant extraction allows us to support you during the study and creation of your plant extraction chains and the production of specific solutions.

  • Phytotherapy
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Vermouth
  • Flavouring oil and vinegar
  • Cognac, Gin, Whisky

Solid Experience

45 years of experience in the production of ultrasound technologies for multiple sectors

Complete catalogue

We work with the best manufacturers of steel, vacuums, and evolved filtration systems and can meet all of your specific needs

Universities by our side

Read about us in the university research articles for sectors, such as Food and Beverage, Phytotherapy, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and more…

From 1 to 1,000 litres

We are ATEX certified and know how to manage the various steps and time schedules involved, as well as advise you on all your investments

Our strength is mastering ultrasound technology, which we can adapt to all your specific needs. We are with you from our lab to your industrial production, and even if you need an ATEX certification.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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