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45 years of experience

REUS has been present in the field of power ultrasounds since the 1970s, specialising in the industrial manufacturing of specific, high-quality generators and transducers. This allows to perfectly integrate the extraction chains for plants.

International recognition

After many experiments, in the 1980s we obtained wide-spread international recognition with the installation of numerous pilot and industrial plants for the production of vermouth and alcoholic beverages. Years of working with important French companies in the officinal and aromatic plants sector, allowed us to meet the needs of many professionals and offer our clients various turnkey solutions.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our collaboration with important European universities operating in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors allowed us to develop and improve our technology and achieve one-of-a-kind operative results over the years.
A constant search for advanced electronic solutions, and our own production of ultrasound generators and transducers, allows us to maintain a leading position in the field of extraction of active ingredients from plants using ultrasounds, through our lab, pilot, and industrial machines. Our company works closely with main raw material suppliers, in order to guarantee that our clients are supplied with machines that are optimised, in the time required.

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