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We respect nature

A return to nature is an increasingly relevant issue. Many methods exist for the extraction of active ingredients from plants, both ancient and modern, but many do not respect “Nature”. Plants and officinal plants, which are the foundation of this nature, must be reasonably employed, maintaining their properties as much as possible. These high-tech techniques help us reach this goal.

Eco-friendly ultrasound extraction

On the basis of these observations, REUS has been developing ultrasound-assisted plant extraction techniques for many years. This allows to optimise the extraction process, without using chemical additives and without modifying molecules. This occurs by physically acting on the plant cells, getting the most out of the maceration process, both in speed and results.

Always by your side

A constant search for advanced electronic solutions, and our own production of ultrasound generators and transducers, allows us to maintain a leading position in the field of extraction from plant matrices for laboratories, pilot plants, and industrial production units. Our company works closely with specialised partners, in order to guarantee that our clients are supplied with machines that are optimised for their specific needs in the time required. Today, thanks to our experience, and alongside our partners, we can help develop the entire extraction chain for plant matrices, from harvesting to conditioning extracts.

The continuous ultrasounds

In 1999 REUS started producing laboratory machines with these continuous ultrasounds, after that it moved on constructing the pilot plant. We know how to manage the raw materials in low or high percentage according to our installations and which solvent should be used. From laboratory to industry, as usual. Say what you need and we will offer you our experience as producers of industrial equipment able to produce thousands of litres of products per day.

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