Ultrasounds serving nature

Ultrasound since the 70s, specialized in the customized industrial production of high quality specific generators and transducers


High quality green equipment for high quality green products


We offer you a complete catalog: from harvest to process

Our ultrasound extractors are at the service of different sectors

Food • Cosmetics • Pharmaceutical • Wine and Vermouth • Fragrances • Vegetable Dyes • Phytosanitary

What we do

We produce and sell ultrasound technology for the extraction of active ingredients from plants.

Ultrasounds allow to:

  • optimise the production process without using chemical additives and without modifying molecules
  • improve the extraction process both in terms of speed and results

Our catalog also contains everything necessary for the processing of plants and fruits:

  • drying
  • grinding
  • ultrasonic extraction
  • extraction of essential oils
  • concentration

Could it be useful to you?

From small labs to large industries, we ensure a personalized service from design to after-sales assistance.

  • Good Kitchens
  • mixology
  • production of liqueurs
  • food flavorings
  • research labs
  • chemical labs
  • cosmetic labs
  • university research
  • farms
  • food labs
  • herbal labs
  • production of supplements
  • food industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • chemical industry

Our company

REUS has been in the field of power ultrasounds since the 70s.

We work every day to make plant processing easy, effective and sustainable. 

We work on every project with our technology partners:

  • engineers
  • electronics
  • designers
  • installers
  • master boilermakers
  • pharmacists
  • herbalists
  • chemists

We love and leave each maintain the independence necessary to
express the specific characteristics of each knowledge, to obtain the best customized equipment.


Below you will find some abstract titles containing a lot of information on the possibilities of REUS ultrasounds.
And down you can download our full catalogue:

Our know-how allows us to extrapolate the entire laboratory catalog into pilot equipment and industrial production equipment adapted to your needs.