Heat pump dehydration of fruits and vegetables

For small amounts of fruits and vegetables

Small-scaled farmers or families with large vegetable gardens may need to preserve their crops, to have them available in winter or to sell them for the joy of their customers. With the NWT method,
plants maintain their vivid summer colors, scents, and flavors.
Beekeepers will be able to dehydrate pollen to its selected level.
The dehydration achieved with NWT machines takes place with an important reduction in the consumption of electricity.
The “stainless steel set” option can impart food quality levels to the plant water recuperated during the dehydration process: if raw material = BIO, plant water = BIO.
This “water” can be used in various sectors: food (syrups, liqueurs, fruit juices), cosmetics, and others we can discover along with our clients.


The situation must be reversed using the alternatives offered by heat pump dehydration: colors that remain vivid, very high organoleptic properties are maintained, and presentation is appealing, but the water contained in plants is also recuperated, which allows it to be employed as a base for fruit juices or other intelligent uses, paving the way towards new markets. All you need is the “stainless steel set” option
All this, along with low energy consumption, will allow you to be more competitive on the market.

Industrial-agricultural productions

These can profit from heat pump dehydrators with an automatic adjustment mechanism that can be identified and adjusted any time through touch screen software, allowing you to memorize your recipes and change them whenever needed. The NWT 400 and NWT800 models can dehydrate several quintals of your herbs, fruits, and vegetables per day, with a reduced consumption in electricity.

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