Production systems for oils from seeds and grains

Give more value to your seeds as a raw material

The only effective manual or electrical pressure method for obtaining extraordinary oils for beauty skin products or for studying the very interesting molecules contained in the seeds of numerous plants, in our labs.

Various types of presses

For all types of production processes, we will aid you in discovering the options and recommendations that will improve the quantity and, above all, the quality of the precious oils contained in the seeds, nuts, and pits of many plants.
We also have various types of specific filters and bottle filling systems available to quickly, hygienically, and professionally bottle your products.

Presses at work

Presses in industrial installations?
We are able to design and supply systems to feed presses, for oil collection, filtration, and storage.
Contact us for your every need.

Collaborations universitaires


Collaborations professionnels


SARL REUS All the active ingredients of plants, turnkey.

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