Distillation labs for essential oils

Stills for small laboratories

Used to distill essential oils from small crops or perform aromatic tests in laboratories with essential oils obtained using small stills that have the same characteristics as larger distillers.

Distillers for medium-sized areas of cultivation

These can produce several liters of essential oils and also various aromatic waters, which are very popular in perfumery and cosmetics.
Many models are available in 304 stainless steel, created by our welding masters and supplied with or without an integrated steam generator. All are, however, resistant and durable for intensive production. We can supply specific filters to preserve aromatic waters without the need for synthetic products.

Distillation tanks for industrial production

Our experience and our stainless steel products will guarantee the quantities of essential oils you aim to produce, without difficulty. The production of substantial quantities of aromatic water will be an important economic contribution. We have different types of devices for filtering aromatic water, which will allow you to sell it without adding preservatives.