Ultrasounds for small-scale productions

A service suited for small businesses.
For those who still think big.

Nature and high technology:
Ultrasonic assisted ecoextraction can be used in the kitchens of any restaurant, in small farms, community and social.
Without chemical additives, quickly, totally cold and with natural solvents, it is possible to obtain various types of extracts in which the flavors, aromas, and even almost all of the active ingredients of the plant are concentrated.

Our technology is totally approved BIO and allows to certify the entire supply chain.

Recent university studies have shown the presence, in the products obtained with our extractors, of the DNA of the plant, unaltered and reproducible. This is not done by any other extraction method.

Complete extraction in 15 minutes

Your clients will always have fresh products

Take advantage of your entire product

Making the maximum use of even small quantities of herbs

Easy to handle and use

Extraction containers that are easy to handle in small spaces

100% organic

High-fibre, easily compostable extraction residues


  • cold extraction of all the flavors and aromas of any vegetable for gastronomy, pastry and haute cuisine
  • cold flavouring in a very short time for oil, water and sauces
  • enriching drinks, wines, cocktails with the concentrated flavors of your plants or fruits

Our ultrasounds are used in high-level mixtender labs and prestigious and starry kitchens!

Conventional maceration and infusion techniques can be optimized and enhanced with our technology, without altering the properties of raw materials.