Ultrasounds for research and development laboratories

The speed and extraction quality of REUS machines allow you to analyse and correct formulas of many samples, on a daily basis

Our many collaborations with universities allow us to adapt our equipment to the needs of your research lab. Benchtop extraction processes can be specifically developed for small quantities, knowing that the results can also be repeated on pilot and industrial units. Our extractors can be equipped with measuring probes, which will allow you to monitor the processes.
See the TTP1 research system and the all-in-one models with extra instruments.

Guaranteed results

Many articles in specialised sector magazines describe the research results achieved using REUS machines, allowing you to target your colleagues

Meeting your needs

Small, personalised trays with all the options needed for fully controlling the situation at all times

Small complete units

Do you want 90% of the product separated and filtered without problems? The solution is the all-in-one CEEM 5 litre unit

Scale up?

Many products on the market were created thanks to lab research, just like the research you perform, for every new product