Ultrasounds for small-scale productions

A service suited for small businesses.
For those who still think big.

Natural products and high technology come together to help manufacturers create excellent products.
Thanks to our experience and equipment, our ultrasound plant extraction methods can be used in small production facilities for the transformation of plants. The quintessence of active ingredients can also be quickly enhanced, without chemical additives, using natural solvents and our approved ORGANIC procedure. Your vegetable cultivation scraps can be used, undergoing an almost complete extraction before composting.

Complete extraction in 15 minutes

Your clients will always have fresh products

Take advantage of your entire product

Making the maximum use of even small quantities of herbs

Easy to handle and use

Extraction containers that are easy to handle in small spaces

100% organic

High-fibre, easily compostable extraction residues


  • Extracting dye from thyme distillation residues
  • Extracting flavours from overly ripe cantaloupes that cannot be sold
  • Flavouring vinegar

We can provide you with equipment suited to your specific needs at a reasonable investment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for all your plant extraction projects.
Ancient maceration techniques can be optimised and enhanced, thanks to our technology, without altering the properties of the macerations.
Our equipment can also be rented out to allow for seasonal production without the need to invest.

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